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To save time, money, and help ensure accurate printing, PLEASE read this list before submitting your request.

  • CORRECT SIZE. Are your files the correct size? It's really important that your files are the correct size to the comic size you are ordering. If not, you may incur extra charges if we have to reformat your files. USE OUR PRINT TEMPLATES HERE
  • BLEEDS. Background to the edge? Apply 1/8" (.125) bleed.
  • SAFE AREA. Content within safe area? Read more.
  • RESOLUTION. Are your images at 300dpi?
  • Divisible by 4. Comic book pages divisible by 4?
  • Have Page Spreads? Keep your spread as one file and we will split it for you. Use our double-spread templates here.
  • CMYK/Grayscale. Convert full color pages to CMYK and covert black/white pages to grayscale.
  • Flatten Files. Flatten your files before saving.
  • Print-ready PDF. We require a print-ready PDF.
  • LZW Compression. No LZW compression on any kind.
  • Comic Book Proof. For comic books, a free hard proof is provided with all quantities of 25 or greater to make sure the print is correct.

Shipping cost is not included in this form. Shipping cost is based on weight/location/provider shipping rates. We ship from Houston, Texas (77041). A general S&H estimate within the continental USA, expect to pay around $30 for 100 28-page comic books

Questions? Please read our FAQ and Tech Specs, or don't hesitate to contact us.

Please complete the print request form below to place your order. If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact Litho Ninja directly so that we may assist you.

Please view our print templates here:

* Please note the costs shown below are estimates and are subject to change. Once the form is submitted you will be contacted by a sales representative to review your request submission and to finalize the order. After your print hard proof approval, please expect 7 business days to process your print order before shipping.


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